The CLB 6 program teaches language skills through a variety of topics. You will practice and improve your listening, speaking, reading, writing skills through real world tasks.


  • At Home in our Community and the World
  • Banking and Finance
  • Canada
  • Canadian Cutlrue
  • Canadian Law
  • Commercial Services and Business
  • Community and Government Services
  • Education
  • Employement
  • Family and Relationships
  • Health and Safety
  • Travel and Transportation


Assessment and evaluation of your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills will include a variety of methods, which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Formal tests, quizzes
  • Assignments, class work
  • Anecdotal records, peer and self-assessments

NOTE: Attendance and regular class work are very important in assessing and evaluating your language skills. It is therefore important that you actively participate and attend class regularly.  Missed classes and assessments will result in you progressing through the class at a slower pace. 

It is the policy of the LINC program that you will not be able to make up missed assessments. Therefore, only students in attendance will be able to participate in the assessment.


PBLA: Portfolio Based Language Assessment

Throughout the course you will perform a variety of evaluation tasks in listening, speaking, reading and writing.  These tasks will be used to evaluate your language learning.

In order to pass an evaluation task you must receive a mark of 75% or higher.

You must consistently pass the required number of evaluation tasks in each area of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, in order to complete a level.

IE. For CLB 6 you must have 8 pieces of evidence (assessments/skill using quiz/tests/etc.) in each skill (listening, speaking, reading, & writing) to complete CLB 6.

The Language Companion is a binder to support language learning.  There are several sections in the language companion that you will use throughout your program.  Most importantly is the PORTFOLIO sectionThis is where you will keep and record your evaluation/assessment tasks.

VERY IMPORTANT: You must bring your portfolio to class every day.