In LINC 7, you will receive language training to build the communication skills and settlement knowledge necessary for life and work in Canada.  LINC language training is based on the Canadian Language Benchmarks. You will be working towards achieving and demonstrating achievement of the descriptors for CLB 7 in each of the four skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing). To achieve CLB 7, you will need to accumulate 8 artefacts (assessments) per skill area, and demonstrate achievement (minimum of 70%) of CLB competency indicators in each skill area.

In this course, the content is divided into settlement and employment themes.  As a class, you will have the opportunity to express your needs and interests regarding possible module topics (units of learning) for each theme.  I (your teacher) will use the information you share with me about your needs to create lessons and activities to help you meet your learning goals. 

A course overview (with sample module topics) can be viewed here.